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Michael Huller Architects
Newton MA

  Our aim is to translate your ideas and sensibilities into an attractive, thoughtful design that reflects your personal style and space requirements. We pay close attention to developing designs that realistically reflect your budget by exploring various design options and green solutions that allow you to make intelligent, informed choices as the project moves forward.
We keep two important principles at the forefront of our thinking: first that 'home is where the heart is' and second that your home may likely represent your largest financial investment. 
Because we feel It is a privilege to be invited into your home to collaborate with you, we begin the process by listening and understanding your dreams, wishes, ideas and budget. These are crucial to planting the seeds of a confident relationship and an exceptional design project. A, successful design should cultivate a sense of calm, contentment and order, along with a sense of beauty while moving through, relaxing or working in your home.
Our thought process is multidimensional. That is we Integrate Interior layouts and exterior design through every stage of the project's development. By doing so , we avoid, for instance, solutions that may offer a great floor plan but do not meet your expectations for a welcoming outside appearance and visa versa. We also enjoy developing a strong relationship between the interior and exterior interface - one that pulls in natural light, maximizes views and Integrates landscaping when applicable.
When expanding a home it is our goal to understand its proportions and details so that the new structure will be a natural extension of the existing structure. At the same time, we work to achieve efficiencies, incorporating vibrant spaces with a rational circulation flow while eliminating wasted space. Given the square foot cost of construction even a small area of unneeded or unusable space can add up to a considerable cost.
We have been designing new homes, additions and renovations in the Boston area for over 20 years. We have developed wonderful relationships with our clients, many of whom have returned for multiple projects. We enjoy meeting and collaborating with people and we apply the same thoughtfulness and dedication to all of our projects whether small or large. 
There is no charge for an initial consultation so please feel free to contact us with any questions or simply to get to know us.